When you first walk into a home built by Shawn Stalls, with the help of wife, Amy, what you see is a combination of beauty and sophistication. There is a sense of creative talent that is found in some of the most well revered homes in the world, but there is also a sense of humility. When you meet Shawn, you understand why. As a builder, you immediately see he wants to provide the best.

With Amy’s help, Shawn designs the homes, and Amy decorates. The couple pours themselves into building, including their own home in Mesilla Verde Estates. While the home styles change based on each customer’s wants and needs, details in Phoenician homes include gorgeous landscaping with large grassy areas and pecan trees, intricate ponds, custom cabinetry from Desert Craftsman Custom Cabinetry in Phoenix and handcrafted items like sinks and mosaics.

More importantly than the quality of work Shawn provides, most of which comes from his dedicated set of subcontractors. The name of their building company proves it. The Phoenician name and logo of a rising bird in all its glory comes from the Phoenix – a mythological bird that is consumed by fire in its nest at the end of a life-cycle, and then from the ash comes a new, young Phoenix. Rising from raw materials comes your personal home built with Shawn and Amy’s caring for your needs.

“We invite you to take a tour of our custom homes. Our designs are warm & comfortable with personalization for each of our customers” - Shawn & Amy Stalls